Mid-Atlantic Grand National Association - MAGNA

Welcome to 2016!

May you all be blessed with the best of boost, headgaskets that hang on and some new best ETs!

Stay tuned as we plan out the MAGNA events for 2016, although January's has already been posted!


Please note that you can find the latest info on the next meets posted in the "Upcoming Events" box to the right. In addition, you can also find upcoming events on our Facebook page.

The MAGNA Raffle!

Many thanks to all who participated in the 2015 MAGNA Raffle!

Please visit the RAFFLE section to view the winners, past raffle items, and get more information.

Thanks to the generosity of several well-known Buick Vendors, MAGNA is proud to offer a handul of Turbo-Buick related items for raffle. Since MAGNA is a free club, we do fundraisers such as this raffle to cover our costs (web site, email, etc) and to help the club put on more events!



MAGNA is generously sponsored by:

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