Mid-Atlantic Grand National Association - MAGNA

Welcome to 2015!

Please note that the "Upcoming Events" calendar you see to the right has been updated with all of our meets and events that we're aware of in 2015. As more are planned we will continue to update it as.

February's Meet will take place on February 21st at Hooters in Northeast Philadelphia (Roosevelt Boulevard). Note that this is a different location from the previous Hooters meets in Bensalem as that location is now closed.

Please see the calendar entry, or the Turbobuick.com Forums or Facebook for more details! See you there!



We want to thank all the MAGNA sponsors, members, friends and everyone in between for your support, attendance, and friendship throughout 2014. We are currently in the planning phase for 2015 and hope to make it the best year yet! Please keep an eye out on our Forums and Facebook pages for various questions, polls, and discussions about our meets and events as we plan things out. PLEASE feel free to reach out through those mediums to give us feedback on what you'd like to see MAGNA tackle in 2015!



MAGNA is generously sponsored by:

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