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With over 400 members in 4 states, MAGNA is one of the largest and most active regional Turbo Buick car clubs around. With this many members, we have events and club get-togethers going on at least once a month, 12 months a year! See for yourself on our bulletin board.

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Step 1: Review the Membership qualifications:

  • MAGNA covers the states of DE, MD, NJ & PA. In order for you to be a member, you must reside within these states.
  • Vehicles must be one of the following:
    • 82-87 Buick Grand National or GNX
    • 82-87 Buick Regal Limited turbo, T-Type or Turbo T.
    • 1989 Pontiac Turbo Trans Am (TTA).
    • Turbo Buick V6 powered clone.
  • All vehicles listed above must poses the factory Turbo V6 engine. (except the 1982 non-turbo Grand National).


Step 2: Sign-up via our online membership/mailing list system:

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  • When you sign up - choose from the following options:

    MAGNA Membership: Choose this if you meet the member criteria and wish to become a member. Existing members can also choose this to update their information.

    (Existing Members: If you had emailed info@magnabuick.com before 2012, please update your information on this new system if you haven't done so already).

    MAGNA Mailing List: Choose this if you do not wish to (or meet the critera for) become a member but would like to stay in touch or are a friend of a member. If you are joining MAGNA, choose both the MEMBERSHIP AND MAILING LIST checkboxes.

    Points Series: Please choose this option to officially sign up for the current points series. Note that there is a $10 entry fee which will be collected at the meets or on the days of the races. If you prefer to mail in your payment instructions will be sent


Head on over to our Bulletin Board. Meet the other club members, get help with your car, find out what events are in your area, etc., etc.

Check the Schedule to attend a meet or find MAGNA-related events in your area.

Get some bling to show off your favorite car club and car!

Give us Ideas - We're always looking for new ideas to help promote the club or provide resources to our members. Email info <at> magnabuick <dot com> with any ideas you may have and we'll see what we can do!

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