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2016 MAGNA Raffle
Updated: 12-19-2016

Thanks to the generosity of several well-known Buick Vendors, MAGNA is proud to offer a handul of Turbo-Buick related items for raffle. Since MAGNA is a free club, we do fundraisers such as this raffle to cover our costs (web site, email, etc) and to help the club put on more events.

..Aaaand we're DONE! All ticket sales are closed!


2016 Raffle Winners

Digi-tails Taillights: Frank S. (Jr)

Spoolfool Rear Filler: Juan R.

ScanmasterG: Rich B.

Spoolfool Rear Spoiler (added): John C.

Dave Husseck(Discount/Credit): Kelli K.

LS1 Maf: Paul C.

All winners will be contacted to pick up items. Thanks to all who supported us this year, and see you in 2017!

2016 Raffle Items...

Digi-Tails LED Tailight

Thanks to Digi-Tails, our first raffle item for 2016 is an LED taillight assembly for any 83-87 Regal or Grand National. (See your MAGNA emails for an additional special offer from Digi-Tails!)

ScanMaster G from Bailey Engineering

Thanks to Bailey Engineering, a ScanMaster G has been added to the raffle bin! Get that ugly box off your dashboard but retain the same Scanmaster functionality and more! Fits into a standard gauge pod and works with Powerlogger!

3.5" LS1 MAF Sensor

Thanks to a club member donation, an 3.5" LS1 MAF has been added to the list! Upgrade your intake plumbing; works with MAF Translator too! (set settings for 3.5" maf)

SpoolFool One-Piece Rear Spoiler

Thanks to SpoolFool Productions, a SpoolFool One-Piece rear spoiler is now up for grabs! Check it out!

SpoolFool One-Piece Rear Bumper Filler

Thanks to SpoolFool Productions, once again a SpoolFool One-Piece rear bumper filler is ready to fill the gaps!

2016 Raffle: The Details!

The 2016 raffle is off to a start, so here's what you need to know:

  • All prizes will be drawn at the 2016 MAGNA Finale meet on December 17th, 2016
  • Raffle tickets are available via this web site, as well as many MAGNA meets and events
  • One winning ticket will be drawn for each prize; winners win the prize drawn
  • Winner may pick up a prize in person at the MAGNA Finale, make arrangements to pick up the prize, or will be responsible for actual shipping charges
  • We will make every effort to contact winners; if prizes are not claimed within 30 days of the drawing, winner will have forfeited prize and another winning ticket will be drawn for that prize
  • No MAGNA representatives or management may participate in the MAGNA raffle

MAGNA is generously sponsored by:

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